The Best Stock Photo Of The Sydney Harbour Bridge

By Peter Kapoyanis

As I was walking down George Street in Sydney town one late afternoon, I noticed the sky changing colour in a dramatic fashion. There was a splash of orange cloud above to my left and it was moving slowly towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I had my trusty Olympus with me and decided to walk to the Sydney Opera House Bar to get a better view of the changing light. I sensed there was an opportunity to capture something special.

When I arrived at the bar, I ordered a beer and sat down. I had a quick taste of my icy cold beverage and then took in the beautiful view. The orange cloud was slowly turning into a fiery red and had transformed itself into a three pronged formation, with a pointy edge near bottom. 

Another 10 minutes had gone by when I realised that this beautiful showcase of nature was getting so close to the Harbour Bridge that it looked like it was just about to touch it. I got my camera ready and set up the shot. I waited a little longer until the pointy end of the red, forked shaped cloud mass looked like it was touching the peak of bridge’s arch. The Sydney Harbour Bridge seemed like it was on fire. That’s the moment that I took the best stock photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge I have ever taken…so far.

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